Connecting to Your Authentic Self Audio Recording


If you have any questions or concerns before, or after, listening to this audio recording, please reach out to me at If you have any trouble with playing the audio, please let me know.

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One of the most beautiful and exciting things about hypnosis is that anyone and everyone can benefit from it. Everyone has the ability to change, improve and recreate your reality by changing some of the feelings, ideas, associations and beliefs in your subconscious mind that are hindering you from living the life you want and deserve. And this is where hypnosis comes into play.

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, and the important thing to remember is that you will experience it in a way that is perfect for you during that session. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. You will, most often, have a different experience each time.

Directions for listening to this audio recording:

  1. Don’t listen to the recording while driving a vehicle or doing anything that requires your attention.
  2. Arrange for about 25 minutes of peace and quiet so you aren’t disturbed during the session.
  3. You will want to be able to listen on speaker phone, or have ear buds, so that your hands are free. (earbuds are best)
  4. Avoid coffee and energy drinks a couple hours prior to listening so that you’re able to relax easily.
  5. Lie down, or relax in a reclining chair, with a blanket nearby in case you get chilled.
  6. Continue listening even after positive changes have begun. Our subconscious mind is stubborn so you may need more repetition. Everyone is different.